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Hi! Just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am an artist and storyteller,

living and working in sunny Florida.  We moved here for work and

enjoyed the warmth, the people, and the wonderful beaches and farmland.

So, we decided to put down roots and stay.  


Currently, nestled in a cozy, tropical community, my art studio borders a lush wooded preserve, near the historic Daytona Beach. Here in my quiet setting, I surround myself with items from my rich Appalachian American culture and items from modern day stories and tales that thrill and inspire me.  I enjoy working with 2D materials and mixed media. 


I find contentment in creating visual stories and I hope you enjoy my work, from the Vintage Tales Studio.

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Please note: ALL nursery rhyme & fairytale characters are based on characters written in the far past, they are in the public domain, and an original interpretation.  

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