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"5 Tips for Hosting Your Own Solo Art Show That Actually Work"

Updated: Mar 29

A Work of Art with a Butterfly in watercolor

Art is an expression, and that expression should never be stifled. With the many options available today for hosting your own art show, you should never entertain the thought that it is difficult to get your work out there. Let us discuss some solid tips for hosting your own solo art show.

Develop a Great Resume

One of the first things that you must consider is your resume. This should be kept single – no more than two pages. You should also ensure that you list critical information in chronological order. This includes volunteering initiatives, your education, any internships, or mentorships. Top it off with three references.

Be sure to contact your references before adding them to your resume as a common courtesy. This is critical so that your reference can be prepared if a gallery gatekeeper or some other professional calls.

Actively and Strategically Network

Consider joining different local and online groups so that you can network. Great opportunities can come from networking with peers within your art circle. Through word of mouth, you can land opportunities to meet gallery owners, art center managers, and other places where you can have an exhibition.

There Are Unlimited Locations

Since we have touched on different places for possible exhibition, it makes sense to discuss location, location, location. The location of your solo art show does not have to be in a formal setting such as a gallery or art center. As a matter of fact, you could have a solo art show in a church, recreation center, a library, a café, a restaurant, a hotel lobby, and a vast array of other nontraditional venues.

Think Outside of the Box (or Canvas)

I suggest that you think outside of the box. For decades we artists were taught that we had to go through traditional gatekeepers. In the 21st century, you don’t have to follow the same footsteps of the artist of the past. In the past, you would graduate with your art degree and enjoy being a part of numerous groups be a part of several group showings. Through these group shows, it would allow art gallery directors, art center managers and others to see your work and then invite you to do a solo show. Now, with the internet, there has been a mind shift. We, as creative's can Display our solo art shows via the Internet. These days the options are unlimited.

There is nothing wrong with trying to approach galleries online as well as off. There is nothing wrong in approaching co-op, artist-run galleries. What I am saying is to try it all. You should also consider applying for competitions both online and off-line.

You Don’t Have to Spend Big to Go Online

If you cannot afford a website, there are alternative free websites such as Wix, Go Daddy, and WordPress. There are a lot of other free online platforms that you can use to connect with others and sell your work. In other words, you can have your solo art show on these platforms. This can also be done through Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a must for all visual artist and Facebook is the number one connection platform on the world wide web. I know a lot of artists who doubt the power of Facebook in establishing an online art presence; nonetheless, the proof is in the pudding.

Final Words

Never be discouraged by rejection from a traditional gatekeeper. We are in a different era now. No gatekeeper can stop you from having your own solo art show. The only limitation is your imagination. Look for opportunities online, art fairs, art festivals, and conventions along with the traditional channels.

So, go ahead and think outside the box and consider the many places and ways in which you can have a solo show because the truth is that the opportunities are there. You just have to look for them. #artistshow #artshow #artshowing #artgalleryshow #showingyourart #preppingforartshow

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