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Ideas on How to Write an Artist Statement

Updated: Jun 3

The purpose of the artist’s statement is to help your audience, gallery owners and potential customers, get to know you better and explain what your art is all about. The statement also helps connect with others and tells them all about who you are and gives them a glimpse into the creativity behind why and what you create. This article will offer you tips to craft a good artist statement.

Here are a list of some things to consider when creating your artist statement.

  • The first thing to consider when writing your statement is to always speak in the first person, for example using pronouns such as I, my, and myself.

  • Research other artist's statements. Most have one on their online galleries or in person where they are showing their artwork. Jot down good descriptive words they use and look at how they structured their sentences. Did they use their full names, places or cultures or people that have influenced them within their statement? What adjectives did they use to describe their creative processes or styles? Did they list materials they often use? What feelings or thoughts did they want to share with others?

  • Next, consider how to write your statement in paragraph form. Remember you should make it discuss your art, themes, goals, and what inspires you. Speak plainly, so you can best relate to the majority of people. If you tend to be a reader and have a diverse vocabulary or overuse of historical artist terminology, be aware that it could be a daunting read for others. Try to keep your statement as direct and simple as possible. Not everyone has had an art history class. So, keep some of the artist jargon to a minimum.

  • Discuss the primary materials, methods and processes that you utilize in your creative experiences.

  • Don't forget to express how and why your art is unique, interesting, and different from others.

  • Artist statements are not biographies per-say, however if your background or culture has a direct influence on your art, only then can it be tastefully added to your artist statement. For example, I am an Appalachian American from West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky known to be steeped in a unique cultural tradition in word and in visual art. My culture and heritage directly influence most every piece of art. Where are you from? How does it influence your art?

  • In addition, the artist statement should be no more than 1 to 2 paragraphs. Any more and you risk losing your audience’s attention.

  • Once finalized, how does an artist utilize their artist statement? In a variety of ways: at exhibitions, posted on their websites, artist networking forums, online art galleries, blogs, and offered to clients (a lot of times placed on the back of each work).

  • Keeping all of this in mind, make sure that it is written well, displayed with your artwork professionally, and overall conveys what you want and need to say in a clear and productive manner. Use a readable font, print on quality paper, and display well framed or something that is clean and not a distraction away from your lovely artwork, whether online or in person.

Below is an example of my artist statement that could inspire and equip you while writing your own.

My name is Jennifer and I am an artist, illustrator, and storyteller. I am originally from the beautiful mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and the infamous Coal Fields of the US and the place of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud. Currently, I live and work in beautiful Florida, where my art studio borders a lush wooded preserve, near the historic Daytona Beach and local farmland. Here in my cozy studio, I surround myself with items from my Appalachian American culture, my faith, and tales that inspire me. I enjoy working with traditional art, illustration materials and mixed media . Themes in my artwork range from cottage core, whimsical art, Christian art, to the beauty of creation. I also enjoy mentoring other creatives.

I hope this post has given you some thoughts on how to create and use an artist statement in an productive and useful manner. I hope you have a creative day. Don’t be afraid! You can do it! Be watching social media for updates. Browse and enjoy!

Art to me is a God-given gift of good storytelling, that can leave the world a more beautiful, kinder, and hopeful place.

- Jennifer Lueders, Artist and Storyteller

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