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How did I get involved in using art as a ministry?

Updated: Nov 16

I think it started in my childhood when I discovered peace, comfort, and healing through the process of creating art, but it really didn't come to my attention until many years later. I was the fluffy little girl that was tall like the boys and had glasses with arthritis and a reading disability. When I discovered art, I would use it as a way to escape and it helped me look at the world around me in different way. A tree became something not just to climb but to appreciate and be captivated by. As I created art, it brought a calmness and depth to my life. I felt more in control, curious, alive and more connected to the world around me and to God. As I grew, I remember thinking to myself that I wanted to do this creative process for the rest of my time here. I developed a commitment and never looked back. As life often does, there are many struggles and I have had my share of them, from suffering with endometriosis and fertility issues to chronic pain, to weight issues to a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Later in my 40's with the urging of a friend, I volunteered with a local hospital at our last duty station. There, I discovered that using art with the patients and their families, brought them much more than just the knowledge of art, but it brought healing on multiple levels. I will never forget the day that I was with a patient and the nurse asked if she wanted some pain meds for her chemo treatment and she said no. She stated that she wasn't experiencing pain and the nurse was just as surprised as I was at this declaration. Then, it started happening again and again. It was amazing! I really saw God working in a profound way in this type of ministry that was forming. A praise song would pop in my head and I would start singing it as I was doing art with a mother and her son. All of a sudden, the mother starts uncontrollably weeping. She asked, "How did you know that was my favorite praise song?" I said that I did not know. It must have been a Holy Spirit thing. Another time a sweet little Muslim mother was really anxious about her son's treatment. I got to do art with her and her son and she told me what a blessing I had been to them. These are just few examples of how this ministry was formed. Do I know the end result of this program? No, but I am trusting that God has His hand on it and I look forward to bringing glory to His name and loving on as many people as He puts in my path. I share all of this as not to brag but to invite you to prayerfully invite me to come or maybe you are interested in getting this ministry started with you. To have me come out to your group etc., please contact me at

Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father. Colossians 3:17

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