Bugs! Whatever Shall The Creative Do?!?! "Thoughts on Safety for Artists" by Jennifer Lueders

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

“Wear a mask,” “wear gloves,” “don’t wear a mask,” “wash your hands,” “the virus is in droplet form,” “NO! It’s hovering,” “it isn’t airborne,” “NO! it is airborne,” “stay home", " get fresh air in your back yard,”, and the list of recommendations go on and on. These contradictory instructions are being flung at us daily for the last several months.

So, what shall a creative do at art-related gatherings?

Besides the theories and suggestions on how we should greet one another, socialize, keep clean, we still need solid advice as conventions, art galleries, museums, and art festivals start to reopen.

Typically, the usual con venue virus is called “Con Crude”. These days, we have to think about more than just the flu. Unfortunately, we also must be mindful of the Coronavirus.

We should adhere to washing our hands, wearing a mask, avoiding shaking hands or hugging; however, I was thinking more intently about other possible measures that we could take to ensure a safer and cleaner environment.

10 Additional Practices to Keep You Safe and COVID-Free

Here is a list of some potential considerations that could be extremely helpful:

  1. Use Lysol as often as possible. Consider the wipes if you are bothered by the spray.

  2. Try to sell items in cello bags. These are easier to spray and disinfect.

  3. Offer free paper masks, gloves, and bottles of hand sanitizer. Your generosity will be appreciated, and the additional cost will be worth it.

  4. Use clear plexiglass barriers. You can find these at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Get a local carpenter or someone else with the necessary skills to help you set this up.

  5. Use an air purifier. Honeywell has a great selection reasonably priced. You can also find these at most major department stores.

  6. Reduce the amount of change you receive from sales by pricing with rounded numbers. This will result in you having to sanitize fewer coins.

  7. Put up signs to remind people of the practices that they should be following for their safety and the safety of others.

  8. Wash all tablecloths and everything that you or others may touch while displaying your art.

  9. Model social distancing, and don’t be offended if people are uncomfortable with your hand touching theirs while paying. Being offended makes the situation awkward. Show grace, smile, and be kind and friendly.

  10. Finally, and most importantly, pay attention to your health; stay hydrated, eat right, exercise, get good sleep, and keep your immune system strong.

Your Actions Will Help to Keep Yourself and The Rest of Us Safe

I hope that you will strongly consider these recommendations. I know that some individuals who believe that their immune system is invincible may scoff at these measures. Still, I hope that some thoughtful and considerate individuals will implement these measures for their safety and the safety of their customers. Your integrity will be rewarded. #covid #covid-19 #tipsfordealingwithcovid #covidsafety #flusafety #covistipsforartist #conprep #conprepping #comicconprep

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