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Mystical Wanderton Series

Creatures and Fairies that live in the mystical land of Wanderton.

Miniture Originals Collection

Mystical Wanderton Series

Wanderton was created by a mysterious cloaked figure radiating light and goodness, who travels in-between the seven realms.  Wanderton connects not only the various realms, but also to the human realm.  Wanderton Realm is protected by mystical boundaries and guarded by a vast array of fairies called the Passenger Guardians, lead by Buckler the Brave and his whole brotherhood of Guardians.  Wanderton is known throughout all the realms for being enchanted by the land’s fairies and other special creatures imbued with love and light.  Be watching for a future series of publications that will reveal the intriguing mythos of the inhabitants of Wanderton! 

Countryside Series 

This miniature series is to honor a great man, J.R.R. Tolkien, which inspired many of us and has captivated our imaginations and hearts.  One of Tolkien’s main goals in creating his masterpiece was that England might develop more of a sense of its own mythology.  I would say that his outcome was outstanding, not only enriching England, but the world as a whole and this gift will never be forgotten.  


(Please note that a portion of the money earned through the sell of this specific series, will go to Habitat for Humanity, a wonderful cause that builds homes for those in need.)