The Heart of the Appalachian American Culture

My culture is very important to me and influences my life and my art every day.  I can not help but share its uniqueness with you.  The heart of the Appalachian American Culture is located in Mingo and Logan Counties, in West Virginia and Pike County, Kentucky.  This area is also referred to as the "Six Billion Dollar Coal Fields" and the "Home of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud".  It is a unique sub-culture with a rich history, traditions, music, languages, and diverse kinds of arts and trades.  The region is mostly populated with Ulster Scots, Irish, Welsh, British, as well a number of other people groups that make it wonderful and diverse. In recent times there has been a revival of intrigue from various peoples that are bringing tourism and a unique interest in the culture, from the outside.  Below are possible links of interest. Maybe your next vacation may be to this fascinating rural area of the majestic Tug Valley Region.  

Links of Interest