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Alice in Wonderland Series

Alive in Wonderland Series copyright 2019

As a child I had a lot of issues with reading.  I remember first learning of Alice and her grand adventure down the rabbit hole to a make believe world of fanciful creatures and dramatic adventures.  I recall it made me feel a kinship with this character.  Life was out of her control, as my struggles were also out of my own control.  She didn’t quite fit into that world, real or imaginary.  She was too tall, too short, the creatures were either happy to see her or upset with her.  She seemed to have a hard time fitting in and that is one of the reasons that I loved her.  She survived her real and imaginary worlds.  This series of art is to remember the Alice inside each one of us, because truly the world is unpredictable.  


Watch for future series and even some retelling of some of your favorite classic children’s stories coming in the future.