A Little About the Artist

Jennifer Lueders

 Appalachian American Artist, Storyteller, Designer, & Illustrator

Hello! Just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am an artist and storyteller, living and working in sunny Florida. My husband's last duty station was here and we rather enjoyed the warmth, the people, and the wonderful beaches. So, we decided to put down roots and stay.


My artistic content focuses in the areas of creation, classic tales to Christian themes. All of which connect back to my background and life experiences. Being an Appalachian American, from the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia, meant that I grew up hearing a lot of daily storytelling by my elders.  Young and old, alike, part of being from the mountains is telling tales everyday.  besides visual art and illustration, I enjoy writing, creating, and inspiring other creatives with vlogs and blogs. I also feel led to do some mentoring of other artist and serving the Lord in various ways.


Currently, nestled in a cozy, tropical community, my art studio borders a lush wooded preserve, near the historic Daytona Beach. Here in my quiet setting, I surround myself with items from my culturally rich and unique sub-culture, of the Tug Valley Region, in the Appalachian Mountains. Besides items from my heritage, I am also inspired daily by a constant stream of coastal and woodland wildlife that often graze just outside my studio window. These visitors remind me of the mountains and the wildlife present there, all of the stories, and of course God's magnificent creation.


I enjoy working with pen and ink, pencil, paint, and mixed media. The feel of pen or pencil gliding across the page and the blending of the paint over the surface of a canvas or paper has always held my attention. The process of creating art to me is visual storytelling, coupled with expressing reflective thoughts and sometimes visions or dreams.


I find contentment in creating such visual stories and I hope you enjoy my work, from the Vintage Tales Studio.


Art to me is a God-given gift of storytelling at its best.

- Jennifer Lueders, Artist and Storyteller